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About Me


I’ve lived in California all 29 years of my life. And for all those years, I’ve wanted to create shows, movies, comics, and games. I went to CalState Fullerton where I met amazing, talented, and hardworking students & teachers, earned my Bachelor’s in Animation, and gained all the skills to be a very rad flash animator. It took some time to get my foot in the door by attending mixers, swapping business cards at CTN, and even passively existing on LinkedIn, but eventually I had my first freelance gig at Oddbot Inc. Up until then, it was refining my style and interests as an artist.

Currently, I don’t work in the industry. I’ve taken time to reevaluate my path and improve my trade. Now, with new experiences and a renewed confidence as both an animator and a designer, I’m ready to tackle any opportunity that comes my way… Remotely, or with a mask on preferably.

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